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I don’t know if our accountant will say giving stuff away to 300 people at Coachella is justifiable, but we’re just launching and philosophically. I like the idea of just setting it loose in the world and giving it a chance to speak for itself.” Santa Barbara-based grower Lowell Farms, which earlier this month received a cease-and-desist letter from festival parent company AEG for offering packs of Coachella Blend pre-rolled joints (and giveaway floral headpieces festooned with cannabis), isn’t just going to have its cannabis crowns and product on hand at the Weedmaps event. In a deft bit of marketing, it’s rebranded the AEG-offending pre-rolls as the Weedmaps Oasis Blend. Canndescent, a cannabis cultivator that’s actually based in the Coachella Valley — its grow operations are in Desert Hot Springs — is using that place name on a limited-edition product it’s billing as Festival Flowers, that will only be available until May 1 through Palm Springs กระเป๋าตัง h&m Safe Access dispensary and the X-Factor Organics delivery service (both of which require valid medical marijuana documentation). Canndescent , which prefers to pitch its pot using effect-based descriptions instead of strain names, is offering five different types of flower suggested for a different activity (for example, the language on the bottle of Coachella Valley Calm reads as follows: “When the sun is coming up and it’s time to wind down, soothe your mind and body with Coachella Valley Calm.”). At left, Canndescent's on-the-go festival kit. At right, a model wears a Lowell Farms cannabis crown At left, Canndescent's on-the-go festival kit. At right, a model wears a Lowell Farms cannabis crown and holds a pack of Weedmaps Oasis pre-rolled joints.

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